Hide your referrer!

Use dereferer.qhosting.uk for your website

If you frequently need a dereferer, feel free to integrate the dereferer.qhosting.uk service into your web site - here are some code examples for common environments:

PHP example

function derefer($strUrl)
  return "http://dereferer.qhosting.uk/?".urlencode($strUrl);

<a href="<?= derefer("http://www.example.com") ?>">Link</a>

ASP example

function derefer(strUrl)
  derefer = "http://dereferer.qhosting.uk/?" & server.urlencode(strUrl)
end function

<a href="<%= derefer("http://www.example.com") %>">Link</a>

JavaScript example

<script language="JavaScript">
function derefer(strUrl)
  return "http://dereferer.qhosting.uk/?"+escape(strUrl);

<a href="http://www.example.com" 
   return false;">Link</a>